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projects tagged openframeworks


projection mapping during SIHH 2013 in geneve (min. 1:46)

kolor fashion show2013

openframeworks software for real time camera acquisition processing

vicino piĆ¹ vicino2013

openframeworks software


Development of an iOS application optimized for iPad, for 3d comics book consultation. The 3d effect is achieved trough a sofisticate parallax mechanism that respond to the iPad accelerometer. The application si made using OpenGL. The projects consists also of a QT software for content creation with results preview capabilities.

waterproof rain by pirelli pzero2012

small projection mapping on umbrellas, openframeworks

venice carnival, biennale di venezia2011

a series of interactive installations, made in openframeworks, openGL and arduino

a drum is a woman2010

a tribute to two women, the symbols of the fight against Afro-American slavery: Harriet Tubman and Sojourner Truth

gareth pugh fashion show2010

ceiling projection mapping using custom videoplayer based on Quicktime and nurbs distiortions